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Best Vegan Crêpes


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Best Vegan Crêpes

It is always a big discussion here in The Netherlands when it comes to pancakes. Somehow most discussions ended up with a firm "pancakes are typical Dutch meal".

Maybe Dutch pancakes are typically Dutch but I think we can all agree that CRÊPES are

a typical French pancake. Light, airy and thin.

This is also how I remember pancakes as a little girl. My mom would fill them with jam.

Then I discovered another type of pancake, one you probably know as an American pancake. Smaller in shape, a bit thicker and fluffier. To be honest, I was never a big fan. Probably I haven't had a good American pancake yet.

My mom used to make "American pancakes", but I knew them as 'Lievance'.

They are made with yeast and my mom used curdled milk as well. Those were heavenly and one of my favourite meals to this day.

BUT, today, we are making French crêpes, deliciously thin with a hint of vanilla. Oh and yes, they are vegan. (Since the crêpes are so skinny, does this mean I will get skinny eating them?)

Crêpes are easy to make. They're what you make on a Sunday morning with the kids. Crêpes are fancy. You can pimp them up with home made chocolate mousse, hot fruit or fresh berries, whipped creme or go the distance and make Oreo pancakes for the win. Trust me, the smile on your kids face will be priceless.

Vegan crêpes
Vegan crêpes


3 cup white flour

4,5 cup mylk (1L)

2-3 tbl maple syrup

4 tbl oil

1tsp vanilla extract

makes 12-13 pancakes


This recipe requires only 5 ingredients. You simply put all the ingredients into a

blender and mix until a slightly flowy batter is formed. I like to use blender as it is easy to pour the batter directly from the blender onto my pancake pan. Make sure your pan is hot and ready to use. I also like to pour a tiny drop of olive oil or a coconut oil onto the pan before pouring the batter. This will make the pancakes more crunchy.

I hold the preheated pan in one hand and the blender jar full of batter in the other, then I quickly pour a few tablespoons of batter into the center of the pan and immediately start tilting and swirling it to spread the batter out into a thin, even layer.

Wait for a couple of seconds (15-20s) and flip the crêpe either with a spatula (be careful not to tear it) or by impressing your kids or your partner by doing the air flip. This is actually not that difficult, if you have a good, hot, non-sticking pan. It just takes a little practice.

This batter will make around 12 crêpes. Double or half the amounts if you wish.

Don't forget to fancy the pancakes up. As a filling, we usually have maple syrup, a pot of jam or a chocolate yoghurt on the table (I simply mix coconut yoghurt, cacao powder and a bit of maple syrup and 1/2 tsp vanilla extract).

Are you gonna try the recipe? Let me know how it went in the comments below!

Hugs and smoothies


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