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Do you have health issues? Do you have lower sex drive, irritability, hair loss, or spotting? Do you try to figure out what can be hidden behind those migranes, endless bloating, fatigue, but even back pain or the inability to lose weight? Is your whole body longing to have a baby but your doctors tells you everything is fine and yet, you cannot get pregnant?


I am Katka, an orthomolecular nutritionist and a hormonal expert, a functional medicine practitioner, a proud mom of two beautiful boys, passionate cook, animal lover and a sport and dance enthusiast, based in Haarlem.


I help women feel better! I help women like you, to solve their health issues and sort through confusing diet advice. Yes, quick fixes like low carb or 1000cal a day diets are always too good to be true and as you know yourself, those kilos will always find their way back. I will help you find the answers and show you that a  plant-based diet is fun, easy, delicious and a nutritious paradise for your body!

I see you and I hear you! Even though your doctor might tell you everything is fine with you, your pain, your frustration and your complains ARE REAL!



My mission is not only to swipe away the confusion about how to live the healthiest life possible, but also to enjoy simple and delicious wholefoods. It's not just salads but an endless world of mouthwatering recipes that your whole family will LOVE! 


In short, I will give you the tools you need to feel and look your best!


I studied biochemistry, specifically cancer research. I was lucky enough to work at the Cancer Center Amsterdam, VUMC as a research analyst at the department of Pediatric Oncology after moving to the Netherlands in 2006. Later our two sons were born and I was in the middle of a dilemma. I wanted to combine my biochemistry background with my passion for healthy and delicious food. After exploring the educational options in nutrition, I decided that orthomolecular therapist is a great fit for me. It combines biochemistry and nutrition. One of the biggest passions in my life.


I love reading up on the latest studies and incorporating the findings into my practice. Based on that information, I fill myself up on plant based, whole foods. My ideas, thoughts, and practices will reflect this and continually change as I grow as a nutrition expert and learn new research, that’s the beauty of it. 

I am a functional medicine practitioner using lab tests to look closely at your hormones, your vitamins or minerals, or your intestines to find the root cause. 


Whatever level of support you need, whether it’s recipes, 1-1 coaching where we go step by step through your lifestyle, or just an introduction to the basics, my goal is for you to find a balanced wellbeing here on Leafy Life and find that INNER GODDESS you deserve to feel and to be!


With healthy food choices, you can feel fabulous! You will rediscover how to have a healthier life in a happier body! 

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