WORK with me

When we start working together, I will send you a questionnaire to fill in. This is when I do my homework because I want to know as much as possible before our first appointment. You can help me fill in some blanks and answer my additional questions during our first session. We will discuss your health problems and specify your main goals.

I will create a tailored nutrition and lifestyle advise for you and guide you on the journey to a healthier and happier you. 

For our second session, I will ask you to keep an eating diary for one or two weeks including your complaints and the level of their severity. Nutrition is one of the main keys to your balanced health.


Depending on your health problems, I might suggest doing some lab tests. They can be tests using your blood, saliva or urine. I often want to look closer on your hormonal levels or your vitamins and minerals status. I will discuss which tests are suitable for you during our meeting. The costs of the tests are always discussed before you decide to take them. If you work with me online, they can be sent to your home address. 

Are you still hesitant? DO you have questions? Schedule a free 15min call with me via the chat!




This is a great choice if you wanna take it step by step and address your health needs on the go, tackle one problem at the time that gives you currently the most wrinkles. 


We can always discuss a specific topic or a health issue you are currently struggling with. 

60 min session



Put your stamina and self-control to the test  and boost your energy levels.

You can choose from:

9days detox program 


12days detox program


Package only (for those who have already done the program in the past



The Thrive 12 week program is for you when you want to truly commit to making a healthy change in your lifestyle. 12 weeks is a magic timeframe for manifesting your wellness vision and taking the time to see lasting results! 

12 weeks program including 7 sessions with in depth personalised plan to reach your main goal. This program includes a blood test, body checks, whatsapp and email communication in between in order to support your on your journey every step of the way.



I also offer other services, that you can find on my website, but here just a short summary:


Do you struggle in the kitchen? Is the main reason your eating habits are far from ideal a lack of time and a busy schedule? Then MEAL PREPPING session is something for you! You will get the recipes and the ingredients list. You will do the groceries, bring some Tupperware to our cooking session and we will cook together 3 meals that you will take home for the week ahead. (this is a meal plan for 3-5 days)

1 cooking session is €300


Are you looking for a personal trainer? Do you like to train outside? Are you recovering from an injury or do you need to build up your strength and condition? I would love to help you meet your fitness needs. 

1 training session is €70

All prices are excl. VAT.

Alle prijzen zijn excl. BTW

Leafy Life is a member of the professional association MBOG, which is recognized by nearly 40 health insurance companies.


An overview of these health insurance companies can be found on the MBOG website ( Please consult your health insurer to confirm whether your policy reimburses orthomolecular therapy and under what conditions. 

Leafy Life is aangesloten bij de beroepsvereniging MBOG die door bijna 40 zorgverzekeraars wordt erkend. Op de website van MBOG ( staat een overzicht van deze zorgverzekeraars. Raadpleeg svp uw polis om te kunnen bepalen of uw zorgverzekeraar orthomoleculaire therapie vergoedt en tegen welke voorwaarden.

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