This is a great choice if you are familiar with a healthy lifestyle and want to discuss a specific topic or need a reboot. Including a follow up email. This is not a customized in-depth nutrition plan

60 min session



The Nourish program is for you if you want to finally do something about that bloating, if you’re ready to get rid of diets and create a positive relationship with food, or boost your energy levels. This is a program with  a customised nutrition plan to help you reach your goal.

4 weeks program including 1x 60min session, 1x 30min follow up and 2x 15min (body scan measurements)



The Thrive 12 week program is for you when you want to truly commit to making a healthy change in your lifestyle. 12 weeks is a magic timeframe for manifesting your wellness vision and taking the time to see lasting results!

12 weeks program including 2x 60min sessions, 2x 45 min sessions, 3x 15min sessions



Put your stamina and self-control to the test  and boost your energy levels.

You can choose from:

9days detox program 


12days detox program


Leafy Life is a member of the professional association MBOG, which is recognized by nearly 40 health insurance companies.


An overview of these health insurance companies can be found on the MBOG website ( Please consult your health insurer to confirm whether your policy reimburses orthomolecular therapy and on what conditions. 

Leafy Life is aangesloten bij de beroepsvereniging MBOG die door bijna 40 zorgverzekeraars wordt erkend. Op de website van MBOG ( staat een overzicht van deze zorgverzekeraars. Raadpleeg svp uw polis om te kunnen bepalen of uw zorgverzekeraar orthomoleculaire therapie vergoedt en tegen welke voorwaarden.

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