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White Asparagus Soup

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

creamy white asparagus soup is rich and delicious meal
White Asparagus Soup

When white asparagus is in season, I make this soup on repeat. Even though it is one of my favourite soups, the white asparagus (the green one as well actually) is pretty pricey.

So I always gets it from a local vegetable shops in the area during the season.

Apart from the asparagus, you only need 3 more ingredients (not counting the seasoning) so it is super easy. Oh and did I mention how super creamy it is?

There is just one thing you need to achieve that creaminess and that's a GOOD aka strong blender. I have a Vitamix (nope I am not sponsored, I wish) and it is the best thing I have ever bought in my kitchen. Seriously, it is one of thoe things when someone asks you, if your house is burning and you can take just one thing from the kitchen, what would that be (Jan has a pocket knife so mope, it wouldn't be a knife, and yes, I might opt for a pot or a spoon) BUT, my answer would be my blender. It is that good. Since we own it, my kids love the smoothies, because no kids like tiny bits of kale floating around. Even the friends of our boys like the smoothies. Because it is a smooth smoothie. Oh did you see what I just did there? Smooth for smoothie. Yep.

One more note... if you don't have a blender, make sure when peeling the asparagus stalks, make sure you get every single woody bit as those will stay around in the soup as small hair after blending the soup you with not-so-strong blender. Not good!

As for the nutritional properties, asparagus (whether it's green or white) should be definitely a frequent visitor on your menu. Not only it is rich in antioxidants and has been proven to be a great diuretic (you will be peeing more thanks to the high content of amino acid called asparagine, yep this is the amino acid that makes your pee smell funny), but it is rich in vitamins like A, C, E, K and folate AND it is super low on calories.

AND ladies and gentlemen, several studies have shown that asparagus is a potent aphrodisiac thanks to a compound called protodioscin.

Ok back to my soup recipe. So those other 3 ingredients are listed below.



1 leak

3 medium size potatoes

1/2 kg white asparagus

Plantbased cream

Chopped almonds and chives

for seasoning (both optional)

1,5 L veggetable bouillon

Salt and pepper to taste


Chop the leak. Chop the potatoes into cubes (no need to go to precise as you are gonna blend the soup anyway). Into a hot pan, splash some water with the leak, you don't need to use oil, but make sure you stay with the pot and stir regularly. After a minute or two, add chopped potatoes. Add some extra water (1/2 cup) if it is starting to burn. Pour in the vegetable bouillon and let it cook until the potatoes are cooked (stick a fork in them and if it is soft, they are done).

Pour the soup carefully into the blender (divide the mixture into smaller amounts if your blender is too small) and blend until smooth and creamy.

Garnish with chopped chives and sprinkle chopped almonds on the top.

Serve with some whole-grain baguette or a sour dough bread. ENJOY!

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