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Sport and dance are an inevitable part of my life! They bring joy to me and to the people joining my classes. Everybody comes to my class with a smile and leaves with a huge sweaty grin from ear to ear. You lose your inhibitions and connect with the inner sexy and joyful you. 

Dancing has incredible health benefits as well!


According to the latest research, people with cardiac conditions who danced for just 20 minutes three times a week, saw their heart health improve significantly more than those who stuck to traditional cardio workouts.

The flow of mood-improving chemicals that dancing releases means it can elevate your mental state. Just one lively dance session can slay depression more than vigorous exercise or listening to upbeat music. Getting jiggy with others also leads to less stress and stronger social bonds, key factors in both mental and physical health.

But perhaps the coolest part about grooving is that it saves your mind—literally. Dancing gives your memory, coordination and focus areas an intense workout, leading to stronger synapses and beefed-up gray matter.

Put all this together, and it’s clear we could all use more samba, salsa or boot scootin’ in our lives.

It's never too late to improve your health by getting down, whether you start small by rocking out while cleaning your house or go big and sign up for my dance (zumba) class.

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